% ✩ bow down ✩
How many followers do you have?

way to many


when my art actually gets reblogs i start to explode on the inside tbh

reblog my little brothers art

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ayyyyyyyyy B-)

Thinking back fondly on this mural I ‘freehand’ drew/painted in Eric Fan's apartment :o)  (2011)
It’s fun when people trust you with their wall ! 
So, I did a thing, as I have no better thing to do now, let me offer you these strawberries I found in my fridge and let me praise your pimples 
this makes me various amounts of happy 

live blogging my lonesome is like. rock bottom 

i wnna shotgun a beer w a boy and then carve things into trees

why am i so attracted 2 the dirty greasy cigarette breath white tee shirt n dirty vans mac demarco aesthetic ??? love yourself breanna 

if i give you $500 dollars how big of an art can i get this is a serious question okay

i have a huge canvas like the size of a very large dog bed at my house in MD//////// i would do anything for 500 bux 

i would like someone to feed me strawberries and then tell me that my pimples are like constellations