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oh my god.... I love nicki but that scene wasn't THAAAT powerful. you're trying to make it way too much into something it's not and obviously she was trying to get that point across bit it's not some revolutionary feminist message

if you dont think a woman being in complete control of her body and showing the world “fuck you this is mine and not yours to touch/etc” basically isnt a feminist message then what is???? i thought it was great


my aesthetic is looking mean as hell but being the nicest warmest person you ever met so you feel terrible for judging and become a better person thru it all

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this is the second time a tumblr user has been in the dc area and i havent been able 2 meet them … im okay … (inner monologue sobbing)

happy birthday spray, im disappointed in you 
Hey! What foundation do you use?

loreal true match 

like u think im deceiving u??? good. i am deceiving you… im not really this hot… im actually a succubus under all this foundation and i will more than likely disembowel and eat you

another reason i love makeup: to piss fuckboys off